EMV terminal tool


The most comprehensive Level 2 terminal test tool!

Validate level 2 payment terminal applications compliance with American Express, Discover Network, EMV, Isis, JCB, MasterCard, and Star Network specifications, optimize development and risk management.

EVAL is the most complete test suite for terminal and smart card manufacturers, laboratories, banks, services providers and application software developers, thanks to its comprehensive list of qualified test libraries.

EVAL also fully automates an EMV contact test session without manual management, thanks to FIME’s automation module.

FIME EMV Level 2 terminal test tool (PDF 1177kB) FIME EMV Level 2 terminal test tool

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In detail

EVAL is composed of an EVAL box, an EVAL software platform and several test libraries dedicated to payment schemes.
- EVAL Box: the card simulator connects to a PC running the EVAL Platform and to a probe emulating the smart card for contact testing or an antenna for contactless testing. FIME provides several EVAL boxes, depending on testing needs.
- EVAL Platform: Windows application running test scripts of an EVAL library.
- EVAL libraries: each library is dedicated to a specific payment scheme.

Contact terminal testing:
• EMV Contact - qualified

Contactless terminal testing:
• American Express Expresspay / C4 - qualified
• Discover Network Contacless D-PAS & Zip Payment - qualified
• EMV Contacless Book B Entry Point - qualified
• Isis Smartap - qualified
• JCB J/Speedy / C5 - qualified
• MasterCard PayPass™ / C2 - qualified
• Star Network Certiflash - qualified