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Validate Secure Element compliance throughout development.

With Global, FIME provides mobile network operators, smartcard and handset manufacturers, secure elements providers and integrators with an in-depth analysis of their product performance against the specifications throughout the development.

Global is a powerful tool used by FIME in its laboratories that will allow evaluate readiness of your product to achieve GlobalPlatform, EMVCo and American Express qualifications.

If you are a Secure Element manufacturer, Global is the best way to save time and cost during the development of your products.
If you are a Mobile Operator you will use this tool to effectively evaluate your new product before its rollout to ensure interoperability between the different providers.

FIME Global Flyer (PDF 1009kB) FIME Global Flyer

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In detail

Global is available with multiple libraries corresponding to your needs:


  • UICC Configuration (GlobalPlatform)
  • Contactless Extension with Memory Management (GlobalPlatform) 
  • SWP/HCI (ETSI / GlobalPlatform)
  • Benchmark (GlobalPlatform)
  • Common Implementation (GlobalPlatform)
  • Amendment B / SCP81 (GlobalPlatform)
  • Secure Element Configuration (GlobalPlatform)
  • Secure Element Access Control (GlobalPlatform)


  • Basic Financial Configuration (GlobalPlatform) 
  • Mapping Guidelines (GlobalPlatform)
  • ExpressPay For Mobile (American Express)
  • Benchmark (GlobalPlatform)
  • Common Implementation (GlobalPlatform)
  • Secure Element Configuration (GlobalPlatform)


  • ID Configuration(GlobalPlatform)
  • Benchmark (GlobalPlatform)

Depending on the library, tests encompass:

  • Banking transaction management
  • Wallet management
  • Secure Messaging 
  • SD Tree and SD Tree extended
  • Key Management
  • Data Store
  • Card Content Management
  • Confidential Card Content Management
  • Life Cycle State Management
  • Logical Channel Management
  • Proximity Payment System Environment
  • GlobalPlatform API 
  • Contactless Extension
  • SD Memory quota 
  • Secure Channel: SCP02, SCP80, SCP81
  • Level 1 SWP/HCI