Contactless card test tool

Greenlight Protocol

Automated Level 1test tool for e-passports and EMV cards

Greenlight Protocol is a simple and reliable solution to test contactless devices for PICC Level I protocol compliance with ISO, ICAO, EMV, American Express, MasterCard, Interac or Discover Network specifications.

It automates protocol compliance testing of ISO 14443 cards, ICAO e-passports and EMV bank cards, as well as the measurement of transaction timing.

Greenlight Protocol is compliant with the official ISO 10373-6 test plan, the ICAO test plan (RF Protocol and Application Test Standard for e-Passport – part 2) and the EMV Contactless test plan.

FIME Greenlight Protocol ISO card protocol testing tool (PDF 1374kB) FIME Greenlight Protocol ISO card protocol testing tool

Greenlight Protocol
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In detail

Greenlight Protocol works with the MP300 TCL tool. It allows:
• The automatic selection of applicable test cases
• Analysis of ISO 14443 Type A and Type B
• The launch of test batches and display of test scripts processing
• The generation of PDF logs for each script
• The automatic measurement of timings

Greenlight Protocol will test in particular:
• Polling
• Initialisation and anticollision
• Frame formatting and timing
• Block protocol exchanges
• PICC protocol deactivation

 Greenlight Protocol includes also extra test cases in its ISO test library, based on FIME’s extensive field experience.