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Bring new MasterCard and Visa terminals into service faster

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The SAVVI tool conducts the integration tests required for the certification of any kind of contact and contactless terminals by MasterCard® and Visa. SAVVI enables the user to run an efficient and trouble-free launch of new terminals through its built-in test scenario guides.

SAVVI automatically loads test plans and provides step-by-step guidance during testing. Test results are automatically analyzed against built-in test-packs like MasterCard M-TIP (MasterCard Terminal Integration Process), Visa ADVT (Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit) and presented in a simple user interface. Once the results are validated, SAVVI automatically packages test results for submission to the test authorities.
For Visa Online submission, SAVVI generates an XML file that can be uploaded onto Visa CCRT. This will allow to fill up the test results automatically.

MasterCard and Visa terminal integration test tool (PDF 876kB) MasterCard and Visa terminal integration test tool

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In detail

Product features:
• Determine applicable test cases
• On screen testing guidelines
• Display required manual data input
• Analysis of card and host logs, of TVR and TSI
• Automatic generation of test results
• Supports MasterCard M-TIP, NIV and Visa ADVT

SAVVI comes with a log reader and a CD to install the SAVVI engine, the analysis pack for MasterCard and Visa and the user manual.