UBIVELOX streamlines EMV certification testing with FIME

Customer requirements

UBIVELOX required a range of hardware and software testing tools to perform pre-certification testing to ensure compliance throughout the development process, minimizing the risk of failure at the formal approval stage.

UBIVELOX also required advanced consultancy services and expertise to ensure complete and continued alignment with the latest local and global requirements.

FIME solution

Since 2004, and throughout the firm’s subsequent merger with Velox to form UBIVELOX, FIME’s experts have been providing specialist consultancy and laboratory certification services. UBIVELOX has also taken advantage of FIME’s test benches and software test tools, including:

  • FIME’s card functional testing tool, Global.
  • FIME’s card personalization validation tool, Perseval Vendor.
  • FIME’s EMV Digital Test Bench, used to test card digital protocols.

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Through its consulting and certification expertise, FIME has delivered real value to our

operations. We’ve been able to accelerate time to market and raise the standard of our precertification EMV card testing. FIME’s close relationships with the certification organizations give its consultants a deep knowledge of each specification’s testing requirements. The combination of this expertise, the quality of its test tools and its

focus on customer service really sets the company apart.


Steve Seungil Lee

Chief Technology Officer, UBIVELOX