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Understand the dynamic and ever-changing secure chip technology landscape and benefit from the introduction of interoperable and future-proof chip based applications and smart devices.

For over twenty years, FIME’s team of consultants has worked in partnership with clients to seamlessly and successfully transition and upgrade legacy payment, identity and transport card schemes, together with mobile network operators (MNOs) to advanced contact, contactless and Near Field Communication (NFC) secure chip-based technology. FIME’s expertise and technical knowledge is comprehensive and covers all critical areas such as contactless and NFC technologies, terminals, back-end systems and security. As a result, FIME has become a recognised authority in the smart card industry, and has supported the development of many high-profile international schemes, from concept through to deployment.

FIME’s team of consultants provides varying levels of support to address the requirements of different projects:

  • Smart card / smart device project: A to Z : This level of support is designed for organisations in the early concept or planning stages of a migration to smart card, smart device or Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. FIME drives the transition from initial business development to rollout.
  • Certification schemes : FIME will set up a certification scheme, designed to an organisation’s specific requirements, to ensure product interoperability and vendor neutrality where these factors are critical to success.
  • Training : FIME offers extensive and fully customised training covering the latest and emerging technical trends and new specifications.

Security is a key aspect of chip technology. FIME experts provide support throughout a project in all critical security factors, including risk assessment, Common Criteria training and site audits.

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