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Head of Presales

The bid manager heads up the technical and commercial proposal team.

Head of Presales


Managing and organizing the presales team and its activity.

Monitoring presales and bid activity using relevant key indicators (number of Go, No Go, Won offers, Lost offers, Amount, etc...).

Weekly participation in sales team meetings, weekly reporting and monthly reviews.

Contributing to quality process improvement.

Identifying customer requirements and selection criteria in the bid.

Defining the level of quality expected in the offers (i.e. defining the key elements to highlight, building the proposal around these elements).

Providing the link between the sales team, presales team and technical teams.

Organizing commercial offers across all sectors (financial services, tools, engineering services and lab services) in the allocated time.

Organizing and participating in the review of proposals.

Presenting offers to customers and working closely with the sales team, including travel to customers and conference calls.

Identifying recurrent customer requests and helping to package it when possible.

Collaborating with the marketing team to build and develop offers and materials for sales managers.

Communicating internally on success stories (or new business cases/proposals) to support the sales teams with generating new ideas (in alignment with Fime's strategy on different initiatives)..

Required skills

  • Engineering or masters degree.
  • Five to ten years' field and business experience.
  • Knowledge of electronic banking and related technologies.
  • Knowledge of the smart card industry, vendors and distribution channels.
  • Organizational skills and management experience.
  • Interested in new technologies.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Fluent English.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • Leadership and motivation of project teams.
  • Sense of organization.
  • Stress resistance and priorities management.
  • Experience of managing complex projects.

Head of Presales

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