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FIME Becomes Accredited GSMA Laboratory

FIME to test devices as outlined in new GSMA NFC handset capabilities testing handbook.

Advanced secure-chip testing provider, FIME, has been accredited by the GSMA, the association which represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, to offer handset testing as outlined in the new GSMA Near Field Communication (NFC) Handset Capabilities Testing Handbook.

The new GSMA handbook will bring clarity to the marketplace by capturing all mobile network operator (MNO) certification requirements to achieve a common approach to handset testing. The test handbook looks at a range of testing topics including the software validation of a mobile handset for NFC and contactless services.

With this accreditation, FIME’s laboratory has been recognised by the GSMA as a test centre that can deliver the testing outlined in the handbook to ensure devices are accredited to the highest standards and brought to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. FIME has built up extensive experience in developing NFC-enabled device testing for MNOs and mobile handset manufacturers from the early stages of NFC deployment, and this experience has enabled the company to provide strong support to the GSMA with its initiative.

Stephanie El Rhomri, NFC & Payments Vendor Business Line Manager at FIME, comments: “By requiring that all mobile handset manufacturers align to the industry agreed requirements stipulated, MNOs will be able to effectively streamline the device testing process across their networks. This valuable work undertaken by the GSMA is an important step in supporting mass market deployment of NFC-enabled devices as it promotes market clarity and will facilitate faster product time to market.”

Pierre Combelles, Head of Mobile Commerce, GSMA, added: “The test book and the testing process will simplify the way handset manufacturers will introduce new NFC handsets into market, as they will now know what the core operator requirements are, how to test them, and where to test them.”

“As the industry gets closer to broad-scale adoption of NFC, it is important to create a consistent and standardised NFC testing environment,” concludes Stephanie El Rhomri. “With many markets converging there will obviously be gaps that need to be addressed. Industry bodies such as the GSMA are helping to build bridges and establish best practice standards. We are proud to be an accredited GSMA laboratory and looking forward to helping MNOs accelerate product time to market with our testing and consultancy expertise.”

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