Perseval Vendor

Personalization validation test tool

Confirm Card Profiles prior to Lab testing

Ensuring that your solution aligns with the numerous different personalization profiles mandated by the payment schemes can be a long and expensive process. By validating personalization prior to the Type Approval process, however, smartcard manufacturers and mobile vendors can speed up time-to-market and reduce costs.

Complete pre-validation

FIME has developed Perseval Vendor to enable the complete pre-validation of your products. Perseval Vendor is a flexible, high-quality tool to eliminate faulty cards by validating correct personalization prior to formal testing. Industry players can pre-validate card profiles from multiple authorities all at once.

  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • UnionPay
  • Visa

Components and test suite


Perseval Vendor validates and debugs your solution during the personalization process, prior to it undergoing Type Approval testing. It does this by verifying the cryptography of a card and comparing the personalized data with a reference extracted from the official profile requirement documents. The tool comes with a reference library that includes every standard card profile and allows users to check both internal and dynamic card data thanks to its RSA and TDES cryptographic modules. It also allows users to verify the card’s cryptography, as well as Application Cryptogram and Script Processing commands.

Test Libraries

FIME Perseval Vendor Test libraries

Laboratory Services

FIME provides a comprehensive range of testing services. To qualify your solution, contact your nearest FIME laboratory.

Smart cards personalization

Validate your samples and speed up Level 2 Type Approval

Technical specifications

Supported cryptography functions

  • All schemes: SDA, DDA, CDA
  • MasterCard: MasterCard proprietary EPI and EMV CSK
  • UnionPay: UnionPay proprietary
  • Visa: fDDA, Crypto 10, 14 and 17



  • Set and customize application settings.
  • Configure PC/SC reader connection.
  • Configure and manage ICS.


  • Check cryptographic results.
  • Compare results with reference file.
  • Check product settings.
  • Check functional results.


  • Generate test reports.
  • Generate logs on test results.

What's in the box?

To run Perseval Vendor, the following hardware is necessary:

  • PC/SC reader

Key benefits

  • Reduce time-to-market.
  • Pre-validate card profiles prior to the Type Approval process.
  • Detect errors early in the validation process.

Key features

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Management of multiple configurations.
  • Automated report generation.
  • Easily upgradable and scalable.