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Certification schemes


To ensure end-users receive a reliable service, it is essential that chip-based solutions, together with the specifications upon which they are based, are interoperable. Interoperability is also of benefit to the organisation deploying chip technology, as it promotes competition through a wide choice of accredited providers, prevents vendor lock-in and mitigates the risk of issues encountered when the technology is in the field. A bespoke certification scheme ensures that despite a complex technical environment comprising many stakeholders, each building block of a deployment complies with the necessary specifications, testing and security requirements.

FIME supports the construction of a certification scheme and the related processes through several steps:

  • Technical specification analysis.
  • Test strategy definition based on use cases.
  • Definition of the certification process, from registration to certification.
  • Qualification of tools and laboratory processes.
  • Test plan creation.
  • Test bench design and development.
  • Laboratory set up.
  • Testing services.

The scope of certification support provided by FIME is defined according to client requirements. Certification may focus on: smart card, mobile, terminal, back-office and /or Trusted Service Management (TSM). It may cover the hardware level, functional level, security, integration, personalisation or could be end-to-end.

Building a trusted ecosystem is a key priority for entities in the smart card and Near Field Communication (NFC) sectors. FIME addresses the security of a certification scheme from initial set-up through all different stages. It can, for example, deliver logical and physical security audits for a supplier’s production sites as well as undertake the security evaluation process for a product itself.

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