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Smart card / smart device project A-Z


FIME’s team of expert consultants and project managers are on hand to give impartial guidance and support to clients at every stage of their chip-based deployment, from the earliest phases of development to product delivery. Equipped with an understanding of common challenges encountered in smart device deployments, and more importantly, the knowledge and experience to overcome them, the FIME team ensures success for client projects, across the payments, telecoms identity and transit markets.

FIME’s experts are experienced and skilled in numerous technologies, including: contact and contactless smart device technology, Near Field Communication (NFC), Trusted Service Management (TSM), EMV and all aspects of security.

FIME can:

  • Define business requirements through engagement with project stakeholders.
  • Analyse the impact of migration on a client’s current infrastructure, processes and organisation.
  • Define technical requirements in a Request for Proposal (RFP) and provide support in the analysis of tender submissions.
  • Define the scope of testing requirements and deliver relevant testing and integration services.

Security, key management, authentication mechanisms and the requirements for certifying a project are just some of the issues that need to be considered when deploying a smart device scheme. With FIME’s support, clients can be confident of making the right decision based on their individual needs.

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