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Smart card support and development


FIME supports the development of smart card products, from concept to completion, ensuring a completely smooth and rapid development process. FIME’s expertise covers:

  • Standardisation

    FIME has extensive knowledge of all smart card standards and test plans, enabling the team to support clients upstream of product development. With FIME’s firm knowledge of standards, enabling correct product definition at the very start of a project, development processes run efficiently and quickly.
  • Multiple application expertise

    FIME’s understanding and experience of Java Card, GlobalPlatform and MULTOS technologies enables the team to expertly aid the development of applications. Product creation timescales and time to market can be greatly reduced through partnership with FIME.
  • RF antenna design

    FIME designs RF antennae required by contactless products and ensures that the hardware’s performance is tested thoroughly, by expertly applying test methods in accordance with standards (EMV Contactless, ISO14443) and test criteria. FIME’s rigorous testing services ensure the optimal performance, quality and interoperability of a contactless product.
  • Product design review

    FIME offers a product design review service to increase the chances of client products achieving rapid certification on both a functional and security level.

FIME experts pay particular attention to the security requirements of particular sectors, such as the payments market. To ensure all ground has been covered, FIME may undertake a source code review, make recommendations on hardware design or host a workshop in advance of development.

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