Fime and ITC PLC bring local EMV® L3 payment terminal testing to Bangladesh. May 29, 2024

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Test tool / L1 test tool


Be ready for EMVCo Level 1 smart card certification.

Automated Level 1 electrical and protocol contact card testing to launch quickly, easily and safely.


Ensure your smart card is ready for EMVCo Level 1 contact certification.

EMVeriCard 3.3 is the only accredited tool available on the market to achieve contact L1 EMVCo certification.

The EMVeriCard tool simplifies and improves smart card testing by automating the processing of test scripts, ensuring the complete validation of your EMV smart card. It is used to test compliance of the protocol and electrical components in line with EMV Level 1.

The tool is qualified by EMVCo and enhances the global interoperability of smart cards by preparing innovative EMV smart cards for certification against EMVCo test plans.

Key benefits

  • Test with an officially qualified tool for pre-validation to save time and money at the final certification.

  • Get to market faster with automated electrical and protocol EMVCo Level 1 testing, with a single tool.

  • Easily and quickly understand your product's behaviour with the detailed analysis user interface.

  • Share results easily by generating reports or sharing session logs (recipients do not need a license to review logs).  

Key features

  • Easily adaptable and configurable to your smart card.

  • Accelerate testing by embedding a simplified user interface.

  • Quickly understand product behavior by using the complete analysis view. 

  • Compliant for T=0 and T=1 protocol exchanges.

How it works.

  • The tool is composed of the EMVeriCard software platform, electrical and protocol test suites, and the terminal emulator (MP300 TC3).
  • After configuration, the software provides a list of test cases to run. Simply connect the EMV card product to the hardware to perform the test session.

What's in the box.

  • Emulator hardware: National Instruments MP300 TC3.
  • Software installer.
  • USB token for product license (needed to run test cases).


  • EMVCo Level 1 Electrical for smart card.
  • EMVCo Level 1 Protocol for smart card.
  • Qualified for EMVCo Contact card Level 1 Type Approval version 4.3c, June 2021.


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