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 Payments  advisory.  

Benefit from our strategic approach based on technical expertise.

Fime offers advisory services to help you enhance understanding of the market and inform your business and strategic objectives.

Why Fime?

Market analysis and technology-based advice

From payment strategy to security assessment.

Payment strategy.
Our global presence and expertise allow us to predict, track and understand changing customer needs and market trends to help our clients thrive in competitive markets.

Opportunity evaluation.
Optimize your strategy to maximize new opportunities. We help you to make the right decisions based on in-depth knowledge of the market and new technologies.

Security assessment.
Trust is at the heart of the success of any new payment technology. Our experts and knowledge of standards ensure a high level of security.
What we offer
Payment analysis
and transformation.
Fime experts operate worldwide and can help select and adopt the best payment solutions.
Market analysis.
Improving your value proposition for customers requires a strong grasp of the market and extensive knowledge of existing solutions, potential partnerships and competitive offerings.

Our consultants help you to build your knowledge and support you to make strategic choices and consider new opportunities.
Performance assessment.
Success in payments is measured by ease of use, adoption rate, cost of implementation and maintenance, savings achieved, revenues generated and the market shares conquered.

We optimize performance in each area according to your strategic objectives.
The fight against payment fraud relies on expertise to ensure that responses to ongoing attacks are effective.

We enable a high level of security by proposing changes to infrastructure and operations, and by obtaining certifications to reassure partners and customers.
Risk assessment.
In a constantly changing environment, risks come in many forms.

External threats to technology, system failures, loss of opportunities or the emergence of more effective competitive offerings.

Our expertise helps you understand, evaluate and minimize these risks.
Who we help?
Applications across customers.
Credentials based on our past experience.

Bank model evolution for acquirers.

  • Draft specifications and select the right partners.
  • Business plan and operational design to implement the RFP and the executive summary.
  • Minimum viable product (MVP) designed, taking into account functional needs, geographical scope and implementation. 
    Test and learn approach ensures smooth project management with regular control of KPIs and data evolution.

Learn more about Fime's expertise in:

Fime's expertise in open banking
Fime accelerates open banking API innovation & compliance with automated test solution.
Fime Image

Analyzing growth opportunities for issuers.

  • External analysis for card issuing and merchant acquiring.  
  • External SWOT analysis and synthesis.  
  • Identification of growth opportunities for payment products and services, considering client segmentation and channels. 
    High level business cases. 
    Risk analysis per opportunity selected.
    Implementation plan for each opportunity.

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Fime's expertise in contactless payment
EMV® 3DS: paving the way for seamless authentication 
Fime Image

Market studies for international and domestic schemes.

  • Understanding how a standard is used in each domain of the payment chain.  
  • Map the evolution of the deployment of a standard in the market.  
  • Estimate the potential impact on the customer environment and provide recommendations.

Learn more about Fime's expertise in:

Fime's expertise in nexo standards
Fime supports fintech Euro-Information with latest nexo acquirer procotol certification.
Fime Image

Specification analysis.

  • Analyse and recommend the specifications to best meet the needs of the French market with its new international platform.  

Learn more about Fime's expertise in:

Fime's expertise in nexo standards
Fime supports fintech Euro-Information with latest nexo acquirer procotol certification.
Fime Image

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