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Make  contactless  
payment quick and easy.
Enable fast, secure and effortless contactless payments with Fime's expertise.
Why Fime?
Go contactless and
make the world a safer place.
Enhance the user experience by shrinking transaction times with reliable and secure contactless card, mobile and terminal payment solutions.

Defining payment solutions.
We support you from the start of your projects, enabling the planning stages of migration to contactless smart cards, smart devices or near field communication (NFC) technologies.

Implementing multi-form factor contactless solutions.

Our comprehensive expertise and technical knowledge covers critical implementation challenges that apply to contactless and secure element or HCE-based NFC technologies, terminals, back-end systems and security. 

Comprehensive compliance programs.
We provide type approval and debug laboratory sessions, along with accredited tools which test against a broad range of international and domestic payment scheme requirements.
What we offer
Consolidate and accelerate your project.
Improve your knowledge and your product to launch innovative contactless payment solutions.
Technical and standards consulting.
We can advise on all aspects of contactless payments to ensure your innovations select the right technologies and comply with key specifications.
Development and accreditation tools.
Fime offers a large range of tools to accelerate the development of contactless solutions and help you achieve compliance at your own premises.
Testing and compliance services.
Whether you want to certify a card, mobile or terminal, Fime experts help you obtain certification for your contactless payment product and speed-up deployment.
Who we help?
Deploy quality contactless payment solutions.
We help contactless product manufacturers and standard or network solution providers to ensure reliability and interoperability.

Offer innovative contactless acceptance solutions to merchants.

  • Develop your own contactless mPOS, SoftPOS or POS application requirements.
  • Select the right contactless payment application solutions and vendors.
  • Ensure payment scheme requirements are implemented correctly in terminals. 
  • Test the integration of each terminal application in the acceptance environment (M-TIP).
  • Test the tap-and-go payment user experience.
  • Certify your contactless terminal solution against payment scheme requirements.

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Fime's expertise in SoftPOS
Streamlining the path to SoftPOS success: Q&A with Synthesis.
Fime Image

Retain customers by providing easy to use, fast and secure issuance solutions.

  • Develop your own contactless card and mobile payment application requirements.
  • Implement solutions that meet regulatory, including PSD2 and SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), requirements.
  • Test contactless performance and functionality across the end-to-end transaction lifecycle.
  • Test the mobile payment user experience.
  • Validate your payment card and mobile product settings in line with payment scheme specifications.
  • Certify your contactless card and mobile payment applications against payment scheme requirements.

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Fime's expertise in mobile payment
Defining the requirements for cloud-based payment solutions.
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Support the adoption of convenient, fast and secure tap-and-go experiences.

  • Train your staff and network on EMV® card, mobile and terminal contactless payments.
  • Migrate from an EMV or non-EMV contact solution to a contactless solution.
  • Offer your members cloud-based payments, HCE and mobile payment applications and SoftPOS solutions.
  • Set up a certification program and certification body to fit the needs of your omni-channel ecosystem.
  • Develop certification portals and compliance test tools for your community..

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Fime's expertise in mobile payment
Host Card Emulation: key technologies to secure cloud-based mobile payments.
Fime Image

Support from contactless product definition through to accreditation

  • Understand the relevant market standards for contactless payments.
  • Integrate and design safely with bespoke advice and tools.
  • Perform the evaluation with an accredited laboratory.
  • Receive constant guidance from contactless field experts.

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Fime's expertise in mobile payment
Providing training and technical consultancy in Taiwan.
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