EMV® in transit. Everything you need to know.: Exploring the key considerations for public transport operators and authorities wanting to deploy EMV in transit.

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 Level 1  testing tools
Qualified, automated tools to achieve payment and transport scheme compliance.
Fime's compliance test tools accelerate product innovation, development and certifications to get to market quickly, easily and safely.

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Define, design, deliver and test payment and transport products including terminals, mPOS, cards and mobiles.

Contact and contactless transaction spy solution.

Smartspy+ is an innovative small, light and portable solution. It captures, records and analyzes contact and contactless communications between cards, objects and readers, without disrupting transactions.

RF Test Bench.
Card, Mobile and Terminal level 1 - Contactless digital and analog compliance tool.

Test against EMV Level 1 PICC/PCD, NFC Forum, ISO and more with solutions from our partners NI and Keolabs.

Card, tag and mobile performance - Contactless performance compliance tool.

Qualified to automate, simplify and improve validation of contactless payment solutions (Secure Element or Host Card Emulation) against the latest scheme performance requirements , enhancing global interoperability.
Low cost smart card and mobile payment performance testing.

VeriTransac enables contact and contactless performance self-certifications with a qualified solution, at a fraction of the cost of high-performance simulators. 

Card Level 1 - contact protocol and electrical compliance tool.

The EMVeriCard tool simplifies and improves smart card testing by automating the processing of test scripts, ensuring the complete validation of your EMV smart card.
Terminal Level 1 - contact protocol compliance tool.

EMVeriPOS automates, simplifies and improves validation of your payment terminal’s protocol components against EMV Level 1, enhancing global interoperability. 

Card, terminal, mobile testing services.

With our global insights and disruptive testing expertise, we enable clients to create and launch user-friendly, reliable and secure solutions.

Biometrics testing services.

Validate the functionality, performance and security of your biometric product to demonstrate quality user experience.

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