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Test Tool

MyTest Studio.

Comprehensive cloud-based test plan editing.

Supports a variety of machine readable test plans, including card, terminal and API testing. 

MyTest Studio.

Accelerate and simplify test plan design, development, review and launch with cloud-based test plan editor.

MyTest Studio is a cloud-based test plan editor which supports a comprehensive set of test plans including card, terminal, API testing and more.

It provides a simple web-based interface to write, organize, generate, review and deploy machine-readable test plans.

To offer real-time collaboration, the editor supports multi-user features where test plans can be accessed simultaneously by different users involved in test plan design, development, review, and launch.

Key benefits

  • Standardize the test plan development process.

  • Deploy machine readable test plans.

  • Simplify real-time collaboration among business and technical teams.

  • Accelerate the test plan release process by up to 50%. 

Key features

  • All-in-one test plan editor. Write, organize, generate and deploy various types of test plans.

  • Comprehensive test plan coverage - edit card, API and terminal plans.

  • In-built test libraries - access common Fime L2 and L3 test libraries. 

  • Quickly adaptable - utilize different modes for varying levels of expertise.

How it works.

  • Formalizes high-level test planning and scripting from a test plan designer.
  • Generates detailed test plan by developers using a simple web interface, thanks to the multi-user feature.
  • Enables test plan review and approval from the reviewing authority.
  • Produces coherent and consistent machine-readable test plans.


  • Fime L2 and L3 card test libraries.
  • Fime L2 and L3 terminal test libraries.
  • API test libraries.


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