Fime and ITC PLC bring local EMV® L3 payment terminal testing to Bangladesh. May 29, 2024

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Smart mobility

Transport contactless interoperability testing

Easy access to experienced engineers with contactless expertise.

Confirm that the validator or gate complies with the standards required by the European PTA/PTO (France, UK and Germany in AFC closed systems).

Transport contactless interoperability testing

A one-stop shop for cost-effective transport interoperability testing services.

Helping system integrators achieve several certifications, from AFC closed-loop systems through to EMV® open-loop systems in compliance with the standards: ISO CEN 16794, Calypso Level 1 and EMV Level 1.

Key benefits

  • Work with a single partner, accredited by numerous international and domestic payment schemes.

  • Easy access to customer-first project management, with teams located across all regions.

  • One-stop shop for consultancy, tools and testing services to ensure functionality, security and durability.

  • Utilize our expertise in innovative product evaluation, including softPOS, mPOS and transit solutions.

How it works.

  • Define the test scope based on product configurations and target certifications.
  • Request a quote based on scope.
  • Book a timeslot with the lab for debugging and type approval.
  • Prepare test samples and the required documentation.
  • Testing performed by an accredited local lab.
  • On-demand expert result analysis support.
  • Provide test results/reports for approvals.


  • Calyspo reader level 1.
  • ISO CEN 16794 (European standards required by STA).
  • NFC Forum for mobile ticketing.
  • RCTIF 5.0 (Parisian standard required by IDF Mobilités).

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