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Fime accelerates open banking API innovation & compliance with automated test solution.


Fime accelerates open banking API innovation &amp; compliance with automated test solution.

Fime has released a new version of its automated open banking API test solution, TrustAPI+, including support for The Berlin Group, one of the largest open-access API standards. Banks and third-party providers (TPPs) can now assess compliance against two major Access to Account interfaces, the NextGenPSD2 and STET APIs. This reduces the cost and time required to verify APIs against PSD2-compliant standards and fast-tracks the launch of open banking use cases.

The test suites for The Berlin Group and STET open-access APIs are powered by the Fime Test Factory enabling automation, digitalization and customization of the open API testing process.

“Open banking API standards are streamlining the path PSD2 to compliance, but developing and validating APIs can be costly and time consuming,” comments Raphaël Guilley, VP Solutions at Fime. “TrustAPI+ now incorporates test plans for both The Berlin Group and STET. No more scripting test plans. No need to build test environments. Users simply run automated tests in our secure online tool and get the results in minutes. This innovation enables banks and TPPs to deliver new open-access services quickly and cost-effectively - without compromising on quality.”

Flexible testing solutions are essential to ensure we meet all implementation, regulatory and market needs. Fime is a long-time supporter of payments standardization efforts, and has already demonstrated its API testing expertise on a number of open-banking projects. Its insights will therefore be invaluable to our NextGenPSD2 efforts.
Wijnand Machielse
European market director at NISP


 Fime’s experts are supporting several open banking standardization initiatives. FIME is facilitating the testing of STET’s open-access API standard and participating in The Berlin Group’s NextGenPSD2 task force. It’s also working with banks and TPPs across the world to define, design, deliver and validate their open API strategy. Find out more about how we can support your projects here.

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