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EMV 3-D Secure

EMV® 3-D Secure testing services.

Accelerate EMV 3DS compliance to enable secure, frictionless customer authentication.

Ensure compliance with the latest EMV 3DS specifications to support enhanced card-not-present authentication experiences.

EMV® 3-D Secure testing services.

Migrate with our user-friendly services and expert team.

From expert consultation to training, automated cloud-based test platform and compliance testing, Fime fast tracks 3DS product compliance to launch quickly, easily and safely. 

Key benefits

  • Onboard easily with a “smooth” experience.

  • Unlimited testing and debugging prior to pre-compliance validation.

  • Accelerate problem-solving with expert support.

  • Select and run customized test cases with different filters.

  • Identify, review and resolve issues efficiently with a designated log view.

  • Integrate pre-compliance and compliance testing into a seamless flow.

  • Local project management and support teams.

How it works.

  • Subscription-based test platform.
  • Perform pre-compliance self-testing and debugging.
  • Expert support for issue analysis. 

  • Submit pre-compliance results for validation and ICS for registration.

  • Perform compliance sessions and our lab generates the reports.

  • Confirm the report and request authority approval.


  • EMVCo


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