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MyTest Record

Cloud-based, safe and smart record-keeping.

Securely manage your development, qualification, pre-compliance, and compliance records and configurations.

MyTest Record

A smart storage solution tailored to meet your product certification and compliance record-keeping needs.

MyTest Record is a smart cloud-based storage solution to organize your test reports effectively with easy data storage and tool configurations. 

It allows users to set their own record-keeping rules and save and mantain data and session configurations in their preferred location.

It also offers smart record analysis and file audit support. 

Key benefits

  • Organize data effectively by combining qualified test suites with  safe record-keeping.

  • Access records beyond your testing tool subscription.

  • Simplify the recertification process by saving and rerunning test sessions with old configurations. 

  • Access end-to-end audit support, where activities performed on logs and reports can be tracked. 

  • Benefit from smart record analysis.

Key features

  • Save and restore old test session configurations.

  • Configure record retention periods.

  • Manage records / software test samples.

  • Use read-only mode as per compliance requirements.

  • Store data locally and in the cloud.

  • Retain records and configurations beyond your Tool+ subscription.

  • Employ smart record analysis.

  • Use built-in testing and productivity tools.

How it works.

  • Tailors record-keeping options for your testing and certification needs.
  • Sets record-keeping rules and configures record retention periods.
  • Tracks usage and storage logs.
  • Stores and maintains your test records on your preferred location.
  • Performs analysis for effective and efficient record keeping.
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