Fime and ITC PLC bring local EMV® L3 payment terminal testing to Bangladesh. May 29, 2024

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Test tool / Level1-2-3 test tool


Easily evaluate transactions, anywhere.

Contact and contactless transaction spy solution.


Capture, record and analyze any transaction while in the field.

Smartspy+ is an innovative, small, light and portable solution. It captures, records and analyzes contact or contactless communications between smart cards, NFC tags, ePassports, mobile devices and readers, without disrupting transactions.

Smartspy+ enables product developers and system integrators to easily check, debug and validate their products at any location during the integration process.

Ideal for L1 / L2 debugging, L2 / L3 logs capture, L2 timing measurements.

Key benefits

  • Test anywhere thanks to BLE, embedded memory and lithium-polymere battery.

  • Get your logs compatible with all L3 testing portals.

  • Improve the performance of your reader with the ReaderPerformance option.

  • Easier transaction capture thanks to enhanced hardware sensitivity.

  • Flexibility is built in and new features can be easily added to meet your unique needs.

Key features

  •  Captures and interprets ISO / IEC 14443 RF protocol and ISO / IEC 7816 contact protocol.

  • Provides multiple views of the transaction (image of the signal, L1 / L2 protocol and timing logs).

    Coming soon

  • Reproduce the L2 behavior of a reader or card with the spy log.

How it works.

Smartspy+ comprises the Smartspy+ Analyzer (software) and Probe+ (hardware).

  • Smartspy+ Analyzer controls the hardware, allowing you to manage, record, delete and display transactions.
  • Probe+ captures contact and contactless transactions. Rechargeable battery and USB / UART or BLE connectivity enable portability.
  • ReaderPerformance (optional) enables to read performance testing by recording and synchronizing light and sound signals from a reader with a transaction log.
  • Contact testing extender (optional) is recommended for an ATM. 

What's in the box.

The tool comes complete with all hardware and accessories needed to perform testing.

  • Probe+ with all necessary components.
  • Software installer.

  • Options are provided in the box if they are purchased with the full solution. If not, they are provided in a standalone box.


No Libraries.


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