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Automate your
 API  testing.
Automated testing plays a pivotal role in defining API strategy and determining the compliance, functionality, security and performance of APIs that expose critical financial data. 
Why Fime?
Ensure the functionality
and security of APIs.
Improve service functionality, quality, reliability and security with automated API testing.

Increase API test coverage.
Run automated end-to-end tests to expand test coverage, reduce time and costs, and gain confidence with each API release.

Meet regulatory requirements.
Use a standards-based test platform, certified to test conformance against common open standards, including The Berlin Group and STET.

Boost release speeds.
Our testing platform focuses on continuous API conformance testing. DevOps teams can focus accelerating their continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) development pipeline, without increasing risk.
What we offer
An end-to-end API testing solutions
Supporting implementers to move API continous integration and compliance testing faster.
Define API automation strategy.
Fime helps organisation to plan their API automation testing with business requirements and test cases mapping, standardized API machine readable test plan and priorized test scenario pipline (positive, negative, regression, integration and compliance testing).
Design API automation test framework.
Build powerfull test engine to consume bespoke or off-the-shelf API machine readable test plan to accelerate the validation of business logic, functional, security and compliance of the application.  
Who we help?
Helping financial institutions with API strategies.

We help banks, fintechs and schemes with effective API testing strategies with our automated API test platform and implementation expertise.

Banks need to accelerate their API deployments without compromising on compliance, security and user experience.

  • Meet legal obligations under PSD2 by implementing a Fallback Mechanism.
  • Automate conformance testing in line with common financial and PSD2 APIs to meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Extend functional and non-functional test coverage.
  • Reduce the testing time for fintech integration.
  • Integrate compliance and regression testing into the CI/CD development pipeline.
STET enables fast-track open banking API validation. 
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Payment schemes and digital hubs need to simplify and accelerate of TPP developers to build services for financial institutions.

  • Define API implementation and testing strategies.
  • Design a full and digital self-onboarding process for third-party developers.
  • Automate conformance testing against common financial and PSD2 APIs to meet all regulatory requirements.  
  • Provide remote conformance and QA API testing.
STET enables fast-track open banking API validation. 
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