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 Instant payments  
test tools
Automated platform for instant payments.
Fime's platform tool support automated backend testing for real-time and instant payments implementations.

What we offer

We have what you need.

Define, design, deliver and test payment and transport products including terminals, mPOS, cards and mobiles.

Streamline the testing process for real-time and instant payment implementations with Host Testing Solution (HTS) for Instant Payments.

Host Testing Solution (HTS) for Instant Payments (IP) allows continuous, configurable, adaptable and automated testing in a cloud-based, scalable and web-based sandbox environment.

Card, terminal, mobile testing services.

With our global insights and disruptive testing expertise, we enable clients to create and launch user-friendly, reliable and secure solutions.

Biometrics testing services.

Validate the functionality, performance and security of your biometric product to demonstrate quality user experience.

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