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 Mobile  test tools.
Qualified, automated tools for mobile and telecom industry.
Fime's compliance test tools accelerate product innovation, development and certifications to get to market quickly, easily and safely.

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Define, design, deliver and test payment and transport products including terminals, mPOS, cards and mobiles.

Test your handset over the Cu interface (SIM card) and the Uu interface (RF antenna) by simulating multi-app UICC & the RF network.

The 5G Conformance Test Platform is a GCF/PTCRB validated test platform used to perform standalone (SA) or non-standalone (NSA) mode conformance testing.

Test and verify eSIM support in an In-Vehicle Emergency Call Device/System (IVDS) via a simulated cellular mobile network.

eCall eSIM Test Suite provides the perfect test tool for the automotive, telecommunication or GSMA M2M industries to test and verify eSIM support in an In-Vehicle Emergency Call Device / System (IVDS) via a simulated cellular mobile network.

Generate and validate test or operational profiles via a dedicated UI or directly at the ASN.1 level.

The eSIM Profile Generator provides an ideal test tool for GSMA Consumer and M2M industry professionals to generate, edit and validate eSIM profiles.
Test compliance with GSMA consumer SGP.23 Remote SIM Provisioning Test Specification.
GSMA Consumer SGP.23 Subscription Manager Test Suites enable you to validate that the SM-DP+ or SM-DS is compliant to GSMA’s SGP.23 test specification. 
Full validation of your SM-DP and SM-SR implementation against GSMA specifications.
GSMA M2M SGP.11 Subscription Manager Test Suite helps companies in the M2M industry such as Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), subscription manager vendors and eUICC manufacturers to test their SM-DP and SM-SR. 
Load eSIM profiles onto M2M IoT devices to verify that the device and the eUICC are interoperable and compatible with the eSIM profile.
M2M Server Simulator allows users to load eSIM profiles onto nonremovable eSIMs in M2M devices or diagnose issues with eSIM profile compatibility but lack access to a real SM-DP and SM-SR.
Test your UICC, eUICC, USIM or SIM under development by simulating a mobile phone or M2M device by controlling the simulation’s behavior.
Mobile Card Test Platform allows you to test your card under development by simulating a mobile phone or M2M device. 
Test the complete eUICC profile management lifecycle without the need for a Subscription Manager or Mobile Network.
The Mobile Mobile eUICC Profile Tester serves as an ideal solution to perform the eSIM management and testing activities without requiring access to a Subscription Manager, device or mobile network.
Simulate both correct and faulty SIMs or UICCs to test a handset’s behavior.
Mobile Handset Testing Platform alllows you to test your handset over the SIM card interface by simulating a SIM/RUIM card or multi-application UICC. 
Test remote SIM, UICC and eUICC and debug OTA via RFM and RAM a.k.a. GSMA ES6. 
Mobile Remote Card Profile Tester is the perfect support tool to test and verify SIM, UICC and enabled eUICC profiles remotely via a simulated or real cellular mobile network.  
Mobile Spy is essential for anyone in the mobile industry who needs to analyze communication between mobile handsets and SIM/USIM cards or between M2M and Consumer RSP devices and eUICC.
Mobile Spy serves as an easy-to-use tool that help you to evaluate interoperability between handset versus SIM or eSIM.
Test remote card content for physically inaccessible SIMs, UICCs, embedded Secure Elements (eSE) and eUICCs. 
Remote Android Reader  allows UICC card content or eUICC profiles to be read and verified when the UICC card or eUICC is inaccessible or physically embedded in the device.
Test the functionality of the Consumer RSP Device and LPAd (Local Profile Assistant device) defined in GSMA’s RSP Architecture SGP.21 and RSP Technical Specification SGP.22.
SGP.23 Device Test Suite helps companies in the GSMA Consumer eSIM industry test their devices and LPAds to achieve certification against GSMA’s Consumer eSIM SGP.24 Compliance Process.
Simulate the SM-DP+ and download a profile onto different eUICC/device combinations.
SM-DP+ Simulator is essential for anyone in the mobile industry who wants to load eSIM profiles onto GSMA Consumer eSIM devices with non-removable eSIMs, when they do not have access to a real SM-DP+.
Checks that the configuration of a handset device is in compliance with the industry standard ETSI 102 694-1, 102 695-1 and 102 695-3 specifications.
The EMVeriCard tool simplifies and improves smart card testing by automating the processing of test scripts, ensuring the complete validation of your EMV smart card.

Card, terminal, mobile testing services.

With our global insights and disruptive testing expertise, we enable clients to create and launch user-friendly, reliable and secure solutions.

Biometrics testing services.

Validate the functionality, performance and security of your biometric product to demonstrate quality user experience.

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