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Meet us

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Our story.
We have gained our know-how from over 20 years of testing products for a wide range of customers and technologies.  This gives us a unique advantage.

Making innovation possible.

In essence, this captures what we do.  Everyday each of us is enabling our clients to create and launch trusted and secure solutions across payments, smart mobility and open banking.   

Our customers are innovating in what they do, to gain advantage in the markets they serve.   

We are an innovation enabler in helping our customers to develop and launch their solutions by providing them with consulting and testing services.

Lionel Grosclaude
CEO Fime
Guided by our purpose.
We are uniquely positioned to enable our clients’ innovation. And we ourselves innovate in the way we deliver our services to help our clients go further, faster.

Our vision.
To enable a world of innovative and trusted transactions.

Our mission.
To be the most trusted partner for consulting and testing services across payments, smart mobility and open banking.

Our promise.
Enabling our clients to define, design, deliver and test trusted and innovative transaction solutions.

A tailored approach

Get the strategy consulting and support you need to quickly and easily deliver your payment innovations to your customers.
How we delivered our promise.
We help our customers throughout their product launch journey. This is our 3DT strategy which stands for  Define, Design, Deliver and Test.

We are using our unique heritage to guide our customers who know what they want to achieve but are not always sure on how to get there.
Talents  dedicated to your success.
Immersed in a multi-cultural environment and in a constantly evolving sector, they rapidly adapt to changing technological and customer needs.

Their curiosity and creativity  drive success for Fime and our customers.
Share your challenge.

Our Fime experts are here to help you make innovation possible,
from defining, designing to delivering and testing your products
and services.

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