Gallant Capital acquires Fime and UL Solutions’ payments testing business to create a global leader in payments, smart mobility & digital ID. May 07, 2024

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 Certification  body.
Explore new opportunities.
Propose, develop and deploy new services to your members and guarantee service readiness and quality.
Why Fime?
Ensure security &
With the emergence of new payments methods, ensure the smooth introduction of these new products and services into your market.

Global support for certification bodies.
Our consulting team support you from the start of your project, right through to market launch and successful certifications before offering post-implementation support.  

Digitalization of test management.
Digitize for real-time follow up and high-speed evolution of your business. Easily manage your certification process and follow up.

Tailored solutions.
Work in partnership with our consultants to find the right solution, tailored to your specific needs and future roadmap.
What we offer
Certification body management.
Outsource your certification body program management to a world leader in payment certification.
Process documents creation.
Our experts prepare the documentation needed to operate your certification body and advise you on the required resources to operate your CB.
Train your certification team.
Get up to speed on your new certification process and practice as a team before simulating certification requests and performing your first certification with the support of our experts.
Laboratory setup and audit.
Leverage our recognized experience in laboratory management to define your own testing strategy. Collaborate with us to determine what needs to be tested and how.
Centralized platform.
Benefit from our online platform, allowing you to facilitate and follow every step of certification projects, from member registration right through to product certifications.
Who we help?
Overcoming your challenges.
We help stakeholders such as schemes and public transport organizations with the setup and design of their product launch process..

Rely on certification experts to maximize the value
of best practices and define your tailored strategy

  • Enrich your service offering.
  • Quickly and efficiently deploy new services that positively impact the ecosystem .
  • Guarantee service readiness in a cost-effective way.
    Propose value added services to scheme members.

Learn more about Fime's expertise in:

Fime's expertise in technical advisory
Creating a cloud-based certification platform.
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