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Physical testing services.

One stop shop for physical tests for all form factors.

Develop and perform physical tests for various form factors to address even the most stringent specifications.

Physical testing services.

Ensure that your product construction and design comply with the necessary application requirements.

Our lab's unique expertise and capabilities enable you to test a wide variety of form factors (cards, ePassports, wearables, etc.) for conformity, durability and ageing in line with the key industry standards. Custom sets of tests may be developed for your specific form factors or products.

Key benefits

  • Certify new products for ISO conformity & durability.

  • Deliver compliance evidence for a governmental RFP and banking schemes.

  • Ensure product quality follow-up.
  • Validate requirements on reference products.

Key features

  • Extensive physical testing capabilities.

  • Conformity tests for cards.

  • Durability tests, including mechanical durability, electronic durability & hostile environment.

  • Ageing tests.

  • Various form factors supported, including: ID1 format cards, innovative cards, transport ticketing, health cards, ePassports & wearables.

  • Development of specific test processes for new form factors.

How it works.

  • Define the testing scope based on target standards or specific needs.
  • Product registration (if necessary).
  • Book a test session.
  • Provide test samples with required applications and physical features.
  • Perform testing with possible implementations.
  • Deliver the test report.


  • Requirements: ISO 7810, ISO 7811, ISO 7816, ISO 14443.
  • Test methods: ISO 10373-1, ISO 10373-2, ISO 10373-6, ISO 18745-1 (ICAO), ISO 18745-2, ANSI 322.
  • Ageing: ISO 24789 -1 & 2.
  • Schemes: American Express, MC CQM, UnionPay, Visa.


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