FIME is a trusted provider of consulting services, certification and tools. It enables customers to bring seamless card and mobile transactions services to market effectively and confidently using secure chip or cloud-based solutions.

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FIME to provide Uzbekistan with eIdentity Testing Services

Press release

FIME, a global leader in consulting and market integration testing services for smart devices and secure chip-based applications, has been selected by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan to supply its physical durability test tools for e-passports.

FIME Plays a Key Role in the Valeo NFC Access System Project

Press release

FIME has contributed its expertise to a virtual car key access system using NFC technology launched by Valeo and Orange Business Services. The solution makes it possible to temporarily transfer a car key to a mobile phone, manage a booking system online and finally, open the car door and start the car using this mobile phone.

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