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Unified  ticketing.
Our experts help you establish a comprehensive framework at scale to ensure your ticketing system is interoperable and fully integrated into your network.
Why Fime?
Establish best practices.
Standardization facilitates technical integration and helps to deliver a successful project within time and budget.

Setting the standard.
We work with national and international standardization bodies to help define requirements and rules. This means we are perfectly placed to help you to meet these standards, quickly.

Impartiality & liability.
A trusted third-party can impartially assign liabilities amongst key stakeholders with no interest in influencing the testing scope, methods or results.

Long-term partnerships.
For decades we've built trust with our customers through long-term partnerships and a continuous commitment to meeting and exceeding expectations.

Market context & trends.

The complexity of transportation networks and their fare policies can be major barriers to creating frictionless journeys.

Addressing the diversity of ticketing solutions created by various historic or political decisions is imperative to overcoming the new societal challenges.

The first stage for unified ticketing is to establish fair and solid governance to be adopted by all stakeholders. The second stage is to deploy interoperable ticketing principles where the traveler can use the fare media of their choice for seamless, integrated mobility.

 Our experts have contributed to successful and interoperable ticketing projects and can help design and implement an effective scheme for you.  

Major challenges.

  • Designing and maintaining an interoperable ticketing scheme to be integrated throughout a wide region.

  • Managing procurement and maintenance costs by leveraging economies of scale.

  • Providing a seamless journey experience to travelers, regardless of fare media.

  • Avoiding bespoke technical requirements while facilitating integration with clearing house systems.

  • Implementing new sources of revenue through partnerships with non-mobility stakeholders.

            Who we help?
            Helping all actors committed to modernizing ticketing and sustainable mobility.
            We support public transport authorities, public transport operators, system integrators, solution vendors, standardization bodies and payment service stakeholders with our end-to-end services.

            Deploy versatile ticketing and payment solutions to enable seamless journeys 

            Our key specific services:

            • Existing ticketing systems audit and interoperability recommendations.
            • Governance framework and technical requirements identification.
            • Open standards integration and procurement management.
            • Interoperability schemes setup and management from specifications through to certification.
            • Payment and revenue apportionment framework design.

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            It's ABT time.
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            Key benefits.

            • Shape a clear vision and ensure stakeholder alignment through solid interoperability scheme management.

            • Ensure efficient governance processes for agile implementation and tangible innovation.

            • Reduce the cost of solution procurement by extending multi-sourcing capabilities.

            • Maintain the quality and reliability of a system through compliance and certification programs.

            • Increase trust between scheme participants with automated and flexible revenue apportionment rules.


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