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 Level 2  test tools.
Qualified, automated tools to achieve payment and transport scheme compliance.

Fime's compliance test tools accelerate product innovation, development and certifications to get to market quickly, easily and safely.
What we offer
We have what you need.
Define, design, deliver and test payment and telecom products including terminals, mPOS, cards and mobiles.
Easily evaluate transactions, anywhere..

Capture and analyze the communication and measurement of the performance between a smart card and a terminal
Rely on the most accredited, cloud-based and automated tool to launch quickly, easily and safely.

Eval+ allows POS and mPOS developers to validate the functional compliance of payment and transit terminals against the most extensive range of schemes available in the market to reduce costs, mitigate risks and ensure consistency.
Deliver quality software faster and more cost efficiently with a cloud-based, automated test platform.

Global+ enables card and mobile application developers to deliver innovative and interoperable experiences to customers - quickly, easily and safely.
Test against GlobalPlatform card specifications.

GlobalPlatform offers a series of configurations and extension specifications that outlines card features and restrictions tailored to the needs of specific industries.
Contact and contactless transaction spy solution.​
Smartspy+ is an innovative small, light and portable solution. It captures, records and analyzes contact and contactless communications between cards, objects and readers, without disrupting transactions.​
Mobile Spy is essential for anyone in the mobile industry who needs to analyze communication between mobile handsets and SIM/USIM cards or between M2M and Consumer RSP devices and eUICC.

Mobile Spy serves as an easy-to-use tool that help you to evaluate interoperability between handset versus SIM or eSIM.

Card testing. 

Launch innovative solutions quickly and cost effectively to stay ahead. 

Terminal testing.

Accelerate product deployment to support omni-channel payments and market evolution. 

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