EMV® in transit. Everything you need to know.: Exploring the key considerations for public transport operators and authorities wanting to deploy EMV in transit.

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Lionel Grosclaude

Lionel has over 20 years’ experience in the banking, telecom and IT sectors, working in executive roles across Europe and the U.S.

At Fime, Lionel is responsible for driving corporate growth and brings a wealth of experience in strategic management and extensive operational insight into global business development.

Prior to joining Fime, Lionel worked at IPC, where he held the role of Managing Director EMEA of the ‘Risk and Compliance’ business unit. Before this, he was CEO at Etrali, where he played a key role in implementing a successful and sustainable growth strategy.

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Stéphanie El Rhomri
VP Testing Services

Stéphanie has over 26 years’ experience in the industry, with 13 years at Fime.

At Fime, Stéphanie utilizes her deep understanding of international technology trends to ensure Fime’s offering is aligned with customers’ latest requirements and lead the development of new services.

Prior to joining Fime, Stéphanie worked as a Technical Support Manager at TXCOM. She is also on the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors, where she serves as Secretary and Treasurer.


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Raphaël Guilley
VP Testing Solutions

Raphaël has over 20 years’ experience in information and technology services. He is skilled in business development, product management, agile development, service integration and ITIL.

At Fime, Raphaël is responsible for innovative services & product design and development across payments and transport technologies. This includes embedding cloud-ready capabilities, automation and robotics.

Prior to joining Fime, Raphaël was VP of Risk and Compliance solutions at IPC systems and also served as Executive VP of Global solutions at Etrali Trading solutions.


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Xavier Giandominici
VP Head of Americas  

Xavier has 22 years' experience in the payments industry, with 14 years at Fime. In his role, he suppprts Fime's growth and the deployment of services across payments, transport and security.

Xavier's experience has helped to drive Fime's continued development in the certification market, by supporting the progression of its ISO17025, EMV laboratory certification and consultancy services for the payment, mobile payment and NFC markets.

Prior to joining Fime, Xavier held different business development positions at Gemalto, supporting the EMV migration in Mexico and Central America and promoting eID services in South Europe.

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James Daniels
VP Head of APAC

James has 18 years’ experience of management leadership across the Asia Pacific region. He has been with Fime since August 2018 and has previously managed businesses in similar segments, including prepaid card programs and banking IT systems.

At Fime, James’ main objective is to define and execute the company’s strategy for the Asia Pacific region. He specializes in commercial growth, business development and organizational excellence.

Prior to joining Fime, James held positions at Société Générale, Etrali and Orange. 

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Arnaud Crouzet
VP Consulting

Arnaud has 23 years’ experience in the payment, retail, banking and telecommunications industries. At Fime, he helps banks and merchants to secure, automate and digitize payments.

As former General Secretary of nexo standards, Arnaud also utilizes his expertise to empower Fime customers’ nexo standards migration projects. Arnaud is a Board member of nexo standards and helps to define Fime’s strategic input to the organization.

Prior to joining Fime, Arnaud worked at Auchan Group, where he was responsible for payments strategy.
He has also previously worked for American Express Group and Ingenico.

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Bruno Daval
VP IT & Support

Bruno has 15 years’ experience in the IT, telecoms and services industries. He has extensive experience managing ITIL-based operations for large-scale and international projects deploying business-critical solutions.

At Fime, Bruno specializes in international program management, change and transformation management, IT systems and deployment.

Prior to joining Fime, Bruno was Transformation Director for IPC systems. He has also worked at Etrali as Head of Project Management, and at Orange as Delivery Project Manager. 

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Olivier Thielemans

Olivier has 18 years’ experience in finance and accounting and has been at Fime since 2018. At Fime, he oversees all financial related matters for the global teams.

Olivier’s responsibilities include directing finance strategies, forecasting and budget management. He analyzes Fime’s financial results and provides strategic guidance to support the growth needs of the company.

Prior to joining Fime, Olivier held financial roles at TRIGO and EY.

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