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Fime & Bridge partner to accelerate open banking API compliance.

November 02, 2020

Fime &amp; Bridge partner to accelerate open banking API compliance.

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Fime and Bridge powered by Bankin’, one of Europe’s leading open banking solutions, have partnered to help banks fast-track the functional and security testing of their APIs to achieve exemption from the fall back mechanism under the PSD2  regulation. Their co-developed end-to-end APItesting platform works in a production environment, allowing Fime to automatically test banks’ open banking APIs are in line with the European regulations.

The automated testing platform helps banks validate compliance with the Regulatory Technical Standards, The Berlin Group standards and the STET standards. It is available for AIS1, PIS and CBPII APIs. To complete the process, Fime experts provide compliance services to deliver the compliance report to the NCA (National Competent Authority).

APIs need to be thoroughly tested before they can be exempted (article 33.6 b of the RTS - Regulatory Technical Standards related to the implementation of the PSD2). There was no solution on the market today to answer some needs which was slowing the adoption of open banking and causing frustration amongst some stakeholders.
Alexis Roque
Head of Operations at Bridge powered by Bankin'.
Regulatory pressures are mounting for banks. This platform empowers banks to ensure the performance and security of their APIs, as well as alignment with some of the largest open-access API standards in Europe. This is a significant step towards greater stability and compliance in the open banking ecosystem. 
Raphaël Guilley
Vice President of Testing Solutions at Fime.

Learn more about the test platform, and complimentary services, and how it is supporting the growth of the open banking ecosystem here.

1AIS: Account Information Services
2PIS: Payment Initiation Services 
3CBPII: Card Based Payment Instruments Issuing

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