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Fime brings first JCB contactless testing services to Korea.

May 12, 2020

Fime brings first JCB contactless testing services to Korea.

Fime is the first laboratory in Korea to support the local terminal vendors and Value Added Network (VAN) companies with JCB contactless terminal testing. Banks, solution providers, terminal vendors and chip manufacturers can now ensure the quality of their products ahead of formal certification.

This latest offering significantly streamlines the launch of new contactless payment terminals. The Korean payment community can now access lab services from expert engineers in local language.  

Korea’s payments ecosystem is thriving and continued digitalization is a priority. Korean innovators can draw on our global experience and local expertise to maximize the opportunities of digitalization and get ahead of infrastructure upgrades like contactless migration. We are committed to further expanding our services to enable the swift evolution of the Korean payments market.
Monica Euijung Lee
Korea Country Manager at Fime

The new services mark the continued expansion of Fime Korea’s compelling solution offering for terminal vendors. To learn how Fime’s expertise is supporting the Korean market, contact the Korea office directly.

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