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Fime helps PAX Technology achieve first automated Mastercard Test Equipment Interface POS compliance.

December 10, 2019

Fime helps PAX Technology achieve first automated Mastercard Test Equipment Interface POS compliance.

Fime has performed the first automated Mastercard Test Equipment Interface (TEI) Level 2 payment terminal compliance test. Point of sale (POS) terminal provider PAX Technology fast-tracked commercial launch using Fime’s test tool and laboratory services. The automated process helped PAX Technology to reduce costs, development and compliance times by up to 50% for this and future projects.

Fime’s Eval test tool is now available to POS and mPOS providers with the Mastercard TEI automation module to reduce product development, testing and approval timelines. Existing customers can simply request the additional Eval TEI automation module. The same tool is then used by Fime laboratories during the formal type approval process, reducing the chance of challenges at the final stage. It can also benefit vendors wanting to develop and submit family products for testing and type approval. Once their first product has achieved compliance, derivative products may only require automated testing. The removal of manual testing can provide cost and time savings of up to 80%.

The payments ecosystem is changing rapidly. Players are under increasing pressure to launch trusted products more quickly to stay competitive. Efficiency and agility are essential to meet these challenges and automation is the key. Automated testing is having a huge impact on product development and qualification, and Fime is right at the cutting edge. PAX Technology has saved on both costs and time to market. We look forward to helping other vendors to streamline the design, development and validation of their products.
Raphaël Guilley
VP Testing Solutions at Fime

To learn more about Fime’s payment terminal services, visit our website.

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