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What digital technology developers can learn from pinball

Did you ever play pinball? I did. I loved it. I was not particularly good at it, but I always marvelled at how top players would consistently hit the high scores. And this got me thinking - what makes the difference between the average player and the pinball wizard?

It certainly takes skill and control to tame the fast-paced, seemingly erratic course of the ball. Practice, therefore, is essential to win, and those who know the game well can seize the opportunities when they pop up, get to the next level and race up the leaderboard.

Skill and expertise, knowledge and experience. Seems to be the winning formula. And if you think about it, when it comes to launching a new digital technology program, it can be much the same as pinball. You are confronted by rapid technological changes, and challenging and unpredictable market conditions. So surely the same recipe for success applies?

In our increasingly connected world, we are exchanging, interacting and communicating in more ways than ever before. For those developing and launching these new technologies and services, the opportunities have never been greater. But neither have the challenges.

This is because they must ensure security and convenience for their end users, which requires significant levels of research, development and testing. Yet, products and services have to be launched quickly to get ahead of the competition.

To be successful, they need the expertise to make it right first time, and also need to know the game inside out to ensure there are no bumps in the process. Practice and experience are essential to learning the tricks that will save time and money.

So, what’s FIME’s advice to hitting the high score?

Build your points quickly
Ensuring expert support throughout design and development phases, and seeking agility and flexibility during certification process enables a quick, efficient and successful launch of your programs.

Practice makes perfect
Working with partners with pedigree and experience in developing and qualifying new technologies helps you to predict the impact of disruptive new features and still hit your targets.

Find a certification wizard
Finding an experienced partner that actively works to define specifications and test plans, and with a comprehensive range of test solutions and services, is key to gaining the competitive edge.

Know every stage of the game
From defining initial business requirements and technical specifications, right through to final certifications, identifying and implementing the right game-plan puts you on the path to success.

Learn the skills
Engaging with top industry players, attending workshops and participating in training programs ensures you stay at the top of your game.

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