Supporting AEVI, first android payment terminal Worldwide

Developing its multifunctional POS

Customer requirements

AEVI approached FIME to help develop Albert, the world’s first payment terminal product based on an Android operating system. The tablet point-of-sale (POS) device provides merchants with a complete solution that accepts all standard, PCI compliant payment methods. In addition, it offers retailers a dedicated Marketplace for B2B apps, allowing them to tailor Albert to their individual needs by downloading, or even developing, specific apps to enhance their payment solution offering.

To develop Albert, AEVI required a partner that could understand and manage the complexity of the project and provide the right expertise and knowledge to drive the project to completion. In addition, AEVI required support with radio frequency antenna design, and the EMV Level 1 and 2 payment terminal kernel development process

FIME solution

FIME provided AEVI with comprehensive development and project management support throughout the creation, certification and final rollout of Albert. In parallel, consultancy and engineering were provided during the design of the radio frequency antenna and the development of the EMV Level 1 payment terminal kernel, necessary to enable contactless payments acceptance.

FIME provided Agnos EMV Level 2 EntryPoint Contactless Stack through its wellestablished technical partnership with Amadis. The solution covers all major payment scheme kernels. An Android specific API was also specifically developed to bridge the gap between the EMV NFC card payment acceptance services and the Albert marketplace application environment.

FIME also managed the complete testing of the solution, using its range of qualified test tools to ensure the final product complies with international payments standards.

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Albert is a significant milestone in the expansion of cashless payment acceptance. We set out to revolutionize the POS experience but to do that, we needed a partner with experience across a range of disciplines to support us from the start of the project, right through to certification and launch. With FIME’s support, we have succeeded in

changing how retailers interact with their customers by offering a more powerful, open platform which can adapt to changing needs and provide real-time analytics and business insights.


Tomasz Kobylarz

Global Product Manager, AEVI