Aimazing delivering secure soundwave payments Singapore

Supporting Aimazing to secure soundwave payments

Customer requirements

Aimazing approached FIME to help them overcome a business challenge they were facing. As its solution is so new to the market, potential customers needed reassurance that the security of the solution was in line with industry benchmarks. To overcome this, Aimazing needed a consultancy partner that was trusted in the industry who could:

  • Thoroughly test and review the security and functionality of the technology.
  • Provide recommendations for technical and strategic development.
  • Deliver a security review report, offering a formal written endorsement of the solution’s reliability.

FIME solution

Building upon its expertise in the mobile payments space, FIME provided consultancy services to help Aimazing validate and scrutinize its solution. Primarily, FIME performed a full security review, modifying the methodologies used to evaluate other mobile payment solutions to determine whether the technology aligns with the security requirements for digital payments.

In the initial review stage, FIME provided a number of recommendations of how the solution could be modified to strengthen security and answer consumer concerns. These recommendations have been actioned and improvements to the solution are now reviewed on a quarterly basis.

FIME continues to deliver comprehensive written reports to demonstrate the solution’s security levels and functional performance as an alternative method for mobile payments. These are tailored to respond to specific client enquiries.

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When going to market with any new technology, overcoming security concerns can be a real obstacle to achieving adoption. FIME was the perfect partner to enhance confidence in our product and provided the insight we needed to make sense of the payments industry and meet these challenges. With such a comprehensive evaluation, we can now communicate the value of soundwave payments without worrying about security. What’s more, the endorsement of a market-leader such as FIME will be invaluable in strengthening our market position and promoting adoption of our product.


Jun Ting

CEO, aimazing

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Jun Ting