Defining a Turkish payment scheme in line with local requirements Turkey

BKM developing Troy, Turkey's first domestic payment scheme

Customer requirements

As part of its mission to standardize Turkish payments operations, BKM approached FIME to assist with the development and rollout of Turkey’s first domestic scheme, Troy (Turkey’s Payment Method). This strategic initiative was to be supported by all Turkish banks and managed by BKM.

To develop Troy, BKM required a partner that could provide expert consultancy and training from the very start, as well as offer testing and development support throughout the project. BKM’s key areas for support were:

  • Understanding the requirements and process of developing a payment scheme.
  • Defining the scheme’s technical specifications for both contact and contactless payments.
  • Developing the certification body and test tools.

FIME solution

FIME played a central role in the development of Troy, supporting BKM to efficiently and effectively manage the project from start to finish.

In the initial stages, FIME provided training and consultancy support to help BKM scope out and plan the project. FIME was later engaged in developing the scheme’s technical specifications, developing the certification body and process, and developing the new test tools ahead of the scheme’s launch.

To minimize delays to the scheme’s launch, FIME also supported Turkish issuing and acquiring members to integrate with the scheme and launch Troy products and services. FIME also worked closely with payment terminal manufacturers and kernel developers to develop and certify Troy-compliant products with testing and certification services.

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FIME has been a great partner in our exciting journey to launch Turkey’s first and only national scheme in April 2016. Its consultancy, training, and local support definitely helped us through the whole process. We have faith that our close relationship will carry into future as evidenced by our collaboration on the adoption of contactless and mobile payments.


Cenk Temiz

Executive Vice President for Card Payment Systems , BKM