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Customer requirements

Ezetap turned to FIME for help with its EMV® Level 1 and Level 2 contact POS terminal certification processes.

FIME’s EMV Level 1 contact lab testing and certification support, together with its EMV Level 2 contact debugging services, ensured certification was achieved quickly and efficiently. Following this, FIME provided Ezetap with debugging and type approval services to ensure alignment with Mastercard contactless Level 2, Visa contactless payWave and AmexExpressPay Specifications.

This enabled Ezetap to then turn its attention to Mastercard® Terminal IntegrationProcess (M-TIP) formal approval, D-PAS formal approval and the integration of Visa’s Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit (ADVT). These were quickly achieved under FIME’s specialist guidance.

FIME solution

FIME has been working extensively with Ezetap since 2013, providing the full spectrum of specialist consultancy services, test tools and pre-certification testing services for its contact and contactless payment terminals.

  • EMV Level 1 contact and contactless Debug & Type Approval (TA ).
  • EMV Level 2 contact Debug & TA .
  • Mastercard contactless Level 2 Debug & TA (performance, combination & integrationtesting for L2 TA ).
  • Visa contactless Paywave Debug & TA (functional testing).
  • Amex Expresspay Debug & TA (functional testing).
  • Level 3 MTIP and D-PA S certification.
  • EMV Level 2 contact library.
  • ADVT test cards enabling testing and certification.
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FIME’s value lies in a combination of its specialist expertise and the approach it takes to our customer relationship. We have a wide variety of testing and certification requirements and are able to work with FIME to address them all. FIME has unrivalled knowledge and has the test tools and libraries needed to bring the whole process together. We always feel like we are a valued customer; communication is fast and the team always goes the extra mile to ensure our expectations are exceeded.


T.Venkata Chalapathi

Principal Architect, EZETAP