A major payments network enables cloud-based payments Italy

Defining the requirements for cloud-based payment solutions

Customer requirements

A major Italian payments network wanted to launch a cloud-based payment system. The company asked FIME to assist it in drafting the requirements and specifications for this contactless service.

FIME solution

Utilizing its expertise in the payments ecosystem, FIME provided workshops on the requirements and impacts of:

  • High level design
    Architecture, operational and business
  • Contactless terminals
    Updating contactless terminal specifications
  • Mobile Payment Application (MPA)
    Storyboard, navigation map and wording, functional and technical specifications, security policy
  • Mobile payment platform (MPP)
    Functional and technical specifications
  • Token payment platform (TPP)
    Functional and technical specifications
  • Interface specifications
    MPP-TPP interface specifications
  • Security requirements
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This was a significant project for both FIME and the customer. Utilizing our expertise from a number of similar projects internationally, we were able to apply this knowledge to the unique complexities and constraints of the Italian market and to best define a solution. This was a complex and rewarding project to be involved in, but the rewards have been great. The customer has a successful solution, has strengthened its position on the market and is continuing to enable the onboarding of others.


Raphaël Guilley

Partner, FIME

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