Transport ticketing in India

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How to create a sustainable ecosystem

The eBook discusses the benefits of a national and low-value payment infrastructure. It also details the significant value of implementing an open, EMV-based mass transit ticketing system in India.

Growing urbanization in India places considerable pressure on public transport infrastructures.

Any specification selected should maximize opportunities to support low value retail transactions and the increasing preference of consumers to move away from cash to contactless and mobile payments.

And finally, FIME recommends to proceed to an extensive pre-launch testing to ensure interoperability, security and reliability for a successful implementation.

Table of contents

1) Public transport networks in India today

2) Open interoperable ticketing for India

3) What are the options?

4) The Indian case for EMV account-based payment

5) Why store passes on the card?

6) Existing account-based ticketing systems

7) How would stored value on the card make the difference?

8) System benefits

9) Conclusion