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The industry recommended best-practice for Issuers and Acquirers is to assemble the best possible EMV expertise at the start of your migration program. Field-proven implementation expertise is vital. EMV is a distinct branch of IT with significant breadth in technology and process, which is best learnt through practice.

FIME knows EMV, and how to implement according to Payment Network Operator specifications. We can help you cut through the technology to get your program started on the right footing.

The best place to start is with EMV training for your staff and with advice about EMV migration project implementation. The aim is to help you feel more comfortable with your choices for direction, decisions, planning and resources.

You can choose only the support you need; FIME offers a menu of products and services for issuer and acquirer migration programs, from A to Z.

  • EMV migration training and consulting
  • Host certification test-consulting
  • EMV card/mobile profile training and consulting
  • End to end Terminal Certification test-consulting
  • End to end TSM testing
  • MasterCard formal approval (M-TIP, CPV, IETED, AETED)
  • Certification test tools

Learn more ? Read our White Paper: Managing the Migration to EMV and NFC Payment Technology.

EMV Migration Forum

FIME is a member of the EMV Migration Forum initiative, sharing its secure chip knowledge and supporting the U.S. in streamlining its certification processes.