ECOSYSTEM Contactless Specification - BCK4 (American Express)

Become an expert in American Express contactless specification (BCK4)

Learn what is American Express contactless technology and the transaction flows for EMV Book C Kernel 4.


  • learn about the EMV contactless Book C Kernel 4 (American Express)
  • Understand the transaction flow dedicated for BCK4
  • Recognize the specificity of BCK4

Key topics

  • EMV contactless Book C Kernel 4 (American Express)
  • Transaction flow
  • Magstripe transaction flow
  • BCK4 Specificities

Day 1 | Book C Kernel 4 (American Express)

Transaction overview for BCK4 (American Express)

EMV mode transaction

Magstripe mode transaction

BCK4 specific features & data

contactless payment

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10 max


People that need to manage or participate to an American Express contactless project


Attendance of "EMV Contact specification" and "Contactless specifications - BCK2 & BCK4" training would be an advantage.

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