Website FAQ

You will find here the answers to frequently asked questions related to FIME's general services. If you have technical questions regarding FIME products please log on to MyFIME and consult the help section our Products FAQ section.

FIME Online

  • What services do I get on FIME Online?

    FIME offers a space dedicated to FIME customers "MyFIME" where you can find products FAQ, download product updates (new releases and patches), drivers, user manuals and manage your account details.

    If you are an isssuer or acquirer, you can also consult in MyFIME your projects status by cliking on "issuing&acquiring services", for free.

    In order to access "MyFIME" services and purchase FIME products online it is necessary to create an account by clicking on ‘Register’ in MyFIME.

  • I cannot sign in to FIME Online

    If you cannot access FIME Online there may be several reasons:

    • Your online profile has not been activated yet

    • You entered the wrong login or password

    • Your online account has been temporarily disabled


If you have forgotten your password please read below "How to change or reset my password?". Otherwise, please contact us to (re)activate your online access.

  • How to change or reset my password to access MyFIME?

    If you lost your password, please go to MyFIME homepage and click on the link "Forgot password" below the "Log in" button. Then enter your email, and check your mailbox : you will receive an email containing a link to regenerate your password.

/ Support

  • How do I contact my customer service?

    FIME’s customer support teams are organised by region in order to give you tailored support. A dedicated customer service contact will be automatically selected when you fill in the contact form.

  • How can I update my FIME product and download drivers?

    To update a FIME product, the product needs to be under warranty or covered by a valid maintenance contract.

    Certain FIME products benefit from automatic updates, for example SAVVI. When a new version is ready the tool updates automatically provided you are working with an internet connection.

    To update other tools, you must connect to FIME Online using your login and password. All FIME products under warranty or covered by a valid maintenance contract will be listed in your account to let you download the information needed (copy of CD, user manual, release notes, drivers, etc).

  • How do I update my billing or delivery address?

    You can update your contact information and shipping address once you are logged on to FIME Online. Go to My information in the My Account menu and click "Modify".

  • Where do I find user manuals for download?

    User manuals for our products are available for download in the Download section of FIME Online. You will have access to the files corresponding to the products you acquired. Updates will be available depending on the status of your maintenance contract / standard warranty.


  • What should I do if I cannot access FIME's payment page or if I am not able to pay online?

    Online payment on FIME’s website is possible either in the online store during the shopping process or by accessing the online payment page.

    After you have selected your items in your basket (during the online shopping process) or entered the amount of your invoice (directly on the online payment page), the following page asks you to choose a payment means. Visa, MasterCard or any other available payment cards are accepted. By clicking on a payment card image, you enter a secure area (HTTPS) since you must enter the payment card information that is required for the online payment.


If you cannot access this secure page (https):

    • From your place of work: Check with your network administrator that you are authorised to access to secure pages ("https").
    • From your home: Check your security settings in the corresponding menu, according to the browser that you use.
  • When will my online payment be debited?

    When you pay for your order online, the time before your account is debited depends on the operating conditions of your bank card:

    • Immediate debit cards: The debit will show on your statement within 7 days.
    • Deferred debit cards: The debit will appear on your statement at the end of the month.
  • How do I pay an invoice online?

    Clients of FIME EMEA (FIME SAS), FIME Asia (FEIMA Ltd) and FIME America (Canada and US) are able to pay their invoices online with a payment card. To do so, access the online payment page and follow the instructions.

  • Is online payment secure?

    FIME makes use of secure technology: The SSL encryption process that protects all of the data pertaining to means of payment, in order to guarantee that a transaction is fully secure.

    A padlock will appear on the payment pages. This symbol indicates that all key entry of bank information on is fully secure.

    The URL address of must start with https:// (the 's' means secure): The information is therefore encrypted and as such protected before it transits over the Internet.
The credit card number is not stored in the site's sales history, which provides additional protection, but it is then necessary to enter this information again, each time a purchase is made online.

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