Enabling the future
of connected cars

Discovering the potential of the market, the tech involved, the challenges, stakeholders’ key considerations and their next steps to ensure success.

Vehicle to vehicle (V2V)
Vehicle to infrastructure (V2I)
Smartphone integration system
Sound system
Secure services
Embedded global wireless module

The connected car market has
enormous potential

Market is predicted to grow from €40.3bn to €122bn by 2021
Connected car market is growing @ a five year CAGR of 45% 10 times as fast as the overall car market
Revenue from connected services $152bn by 2020
Connected safety features will bring in $44bn in 2020

Connecting the car

  • V2V / V2I
  • LTE/4G
  • Satellite
  • Sensor
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Vehicle to device connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • USB

Key considerations & next steps

5 key points

1 Think about compliance & integration testing from day one to limit challenges later in the project.

2 Get the knowledge Specifications and industry requirements change rapidly.

3 Think about the future New technologies are becoming relevant to the automotive sector so futureproofing is essential.

4 Get the right partner Technologies are converging so your partner needs to have broad knowledge of telecoms, payments, devices…

5 Ensure your connected car systems are secure All stakeholders need assured security for the creation of a reliable new ecosystem.

Car manufacturers have a lot to consider.

Smartphone makers also need to protect data.

Infotainment system providers have a lot of technical challenges to address.

IT application developers need to consider which applications and services will be useful and adaptable to the in-car environment.

The role of a testing partner