Integration testing strategy

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End-to-end integration


To ensure that a product is interoperable, and that it will ultimately perform for end users, integration testing is essential.

FIME is a world leader in integration testing and is experienced in managing numerous stakeholders involved in the integration process. FIME helps to build test strategies from use cases and conducts testing services, ensuring a smooth rollout for chip-based systems. The team ensures that products deliver a reliable user experience despite the most complex of technical environments.

FIME has extensive integration experience within the banking sector, having partnered with numerous acquirers to integrate terminals ( MasterCard TIP, M-TIP and Visa ADVT ) and issuers to validate personalisation ( MasterCard CPV and Visa PVT ).

FIME protects its clients’ most valuable assets by assessing the security of their systems through physical and logical security audits and vulnerability scanning.

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