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Upgrade acceptance platforms to support new technologies and channels, while reducing costs for merchants and retailers.

Acquiring banks need to balance increasing complexity with a need to reduce transaction acquisition costs. Retailers are increasingly keen to accept a growing range of digital payment form factors, via multiple channels, to support the changing preferences of consumers.

The shift towards digital payments because of this omnichannel approach also means that digital payment volumes are at an all-time high, creating a technical challenge for merchant acquirers. Existing business models are also being challenged by new entrants like value-added service providers, mPOS providers and FinTechs.

Acquirers are therefore working to launch new payments processing platforms and services to massify transactions across different payment channels and large multi-store networks, simplifying operations and reducing costs.

When upgrading legacy infrastructure, seeking expert consultancy ensures that upgrades are timely, yet secure and flexible enough to accommodate future evolution. FIME supports merchant acquirers with the tailored consultancy, solution engineering, automated test tools, certification and testing services needed throughout every stage of projects.

Your challenges

  • Meeting retail and merchant customer demands for unified, omnichannel payment acquiring platforms and services.
  • Ensuring the quality, interoperability and compliance of new payments processing platforms that massify transactions to reduce the cost of payment acquisition for merchants.
  • Developing a secure solution to support the large digital transaction volumes brought by the rise of digital payments.
  • Understanding and integrating acceptance of new payments platforms and technologies and ensuring a seamless, timely evolution.
  • Expanding market share and revenues in the face of challenges from VAS and mPOS providers, and FinTechs.

Our solutions

  • Comprehensive consultancy and solution engineering to effectively evaluate and integrate new technologies, ensuring successful digital transformation projects.
  • Expert advisory services to ensure compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.
  • Thorough, end-to-end testing and certification support to ensure the interoperability, functionality, security and quality of terminal and acquirer host systems.
  • Technical training and expertise to ensure a quick, seamless and secure upgrade of back-end infrastructures, terminals and acquirer host systems.
  • Automated acquirer, acquirer host and contactless test tools to assist product and service development while accelerating time to market and mitigate certification challenges prior to launch.


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