More and more governments are replacing traditional paper documentation with e-identity solutions. Examples include e-passports, e-driving licenses and national e-identity cards.
These solutions must meet several challenges:

  • e-identity technology must match global and national standards.
  • Specifications must certify that the data shared is fully secure.
  • e-identity documents must meet durability criteria.

FIME helps develop e-identity documents at all levels (physical, analogue, protocol and functional) and offers e-identity testing in its independent ISO 17025 laboratories:

  • FIME’s physical testing services cover all types of technology - contact or contactless, magnetic stripe, bar code, optical memory etc. and include durability testing (climate, bending, abrasion, impact, x-ray and chemical).
  • A full range of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and ISO tests are available to evaluate all aspects and components of the solution (all layers for analogue, protocol and functional).
  • Functional testing is available for BAC, EAC and SAC passports.
  • FIME’s R&D and consulting teams will be able to help you throughout the development to ensure a compliant final product.
Test & Certification services