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To bring new products to market as quickly as possible, it is important to demonstrate early compliance and interoperability through thorough and effective testing.

FIME is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory service provider, with test laboratories in the USA, Canada, France, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. These laboratories offer official testing and certification services, on a global scale, for the validation of a solution's functional compliance and security prior to launch. While FIME's test centers are located in different geographic markets, clients benefit from a centralized contact, enabling them to take full advantage of FIME's global certification and validation capacity. FIME's technical ability ensures that your solution is secure, interoperable and achieves the highest level of industry standardizations.

FIME’s experts guide you throughout the certification process, helping chip card and SE manufacturers to meet the needs, ensuring confidence and trust in their products.

FIME supports a wide range of standards in its test tool portfolio and its laboratories are also accredited by numerous authorities.

With extensive experience in supporting the development and qualification of chip card and secure elements, FIME has a comprehensive portfolio of consulting and engineering services. FIME supports customers throughout every stage of their projects, from the pre-study phase, right through to rollout.

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